Buy a book, save an Author!!

Marketing in any form is about publicity, right? The more well-known you or your work is, creates a hum of activity for people to throw down whatever task they are engaged in and purchase your work on the spot. This is what I understand marketing to be…..doesn’t seem like it fits in real life.

In real life, you research how marketing works, how to reach the readers of the world to hopefully choose your work to delve into. Time is a precious commodity these days. We rush here and there and squeeze each activity and chore into every second, falling down with a thud onto our pillow only to set an alarm and repeat the same pattern the next day. As an author, I am acutely aware that I am asking people to pause from their hectic lives and escape into my world. It is an altered world, an escape from the laundry, the house cleaning, the stress from work and kid’s schedules. A world where people are doing something different from everyday dull work that we are forced to do as adults.

I respect this time that I ask you to take away from things that are important to you and your family. I realize that if my words don’t inspire you, don’t grab you and make you want to dig deeper into the world of my creation than I have wasted your time. I personally hate that. Time is not like a blouse that you can return if you are unsatisfied with the fit or the color or you have changed your mind and request your hard-earned money back. No, time is fluid….it can not ever be returned or restarted. The blessing and the burden of this gift. And yet, we continually strive to make each second of it count because it is precious. As are the readers that I hope to garner with this project.

When we take the time to read, we open a portion of our brain that allows the escape while at the same time developing our imagination. We tend to lose a bit of imagination as we age, having to complete adult tasks on a daily basis that are neither fun or imaginative…..unless we have children, but that is a whole other story. The brilliance of this parallel brain activity is the unique characteristics that are created. When I write, I see pictures in my head of the scene as it unfolds. You, the reader, see the same but in different ways. Brilliant! The complexity and unique ability for each person to see something different, yet watch the same characters perform the same dance is wonderous.

My proposition is this…..Buy a book, save an author. Save us from imprisoning stories on our hard drives and bring them into the light where they can grow and create magic. Each story, whether we appreciate the time it took to create or care for the plot line, has something important to give us. There is a message in each one and if we take the time to hear the whispers, we might just gain wisdom. Jump in with both feet and love it or hate it, but jump none the less.

It is my hope that once you jump into my world, you will feel as though I have enhanced your time. I am off to research more marketing tips to sell books…..time to spread my story to a larger world.

Adventures in technology

Being a human being of less than average tech savvy, I headed to my computer determined to create  blog and website for my new adventure as a published author. Pen and paper at the ready to write down any and all directions, passwords and usernames, I mentally prepared for the teamwork that would be created when man and machine united. WRONG! I am a tech moron. How did I think that I could sit down and whack one out of the park within the first three seconds? The simple truth is that I watch how easily my children navigate the world of technology and ponder that it surely can’t be as difficult to master the simplest of tasks. Clearly my brain is not wired for anything tech related and I contemplated throwing the computer out the window because nothing would save to this wonderful blog spot that is sure to attract new readers who will instantly fall in love with my writing and want to read every word I create onto a page. The computer has survived and I utilized the live chat option, which helped a bit. However the realization that any changes would not be saved fell squarely with the notion that I had not followed directions. In my haste to create an awe inspiring blog, I failed to recall that there is an email sent to determine that you are indeed creating this wonderment of electronic journalism and that in confirming it through the link allows you to change and create and be generally awesome. Ah yes, directions….they are miraculous. So, here I am typing my foolish choices down, which hopefully will be saved onto this magnificent blog.

This new journey of being a published author, a dream for nearly a decade, leaves me humbled, speechless and a bit naïve. It is something I have shared with my family and find that so far there are positive reviews for my thrilling tale. In an effort to market myself and my work, a blog site was proposed. This is my first attempt and we can journey this together. By the above mentioned confession of my tech apptitude this road may be bumpy but none the less filled with laughter.

Today, I was honored to deliver a signed edition to an individual who served as inspiration to one my characters in this novel series. It was amazing to share tears, hugs and laughter at the identity of their character and see the recognition that their presence in my life impacted me in a multitude of ways. I long to be a fly on the wall while they read and show their family, to see your name in the Acknowledgment section at the back of a book seems to me to be pretty cool….that is where the tears came in. What a gift to be able to give back to this stunning individual.  I hope they enjoy their character as much as I did in writing it.

By the way, shameless promotion of this new work will be part of this venture. There will be moments where people tire of hearing where they can locate a copy and for what price. Lets dive in shall we? It is currently on and Barnes and for purchase. Feel free to check out Good as well!

A debut in a series of 3 novels, The Exile Carpet: Dreamscapes is an adventure through the Highlands of Scotland with unexpected twists and turns. A thriller at the heart of the story it is a message of hope and strength.

Take a second to preview it on Kindle or Amazon and see if it calls to you…..I bet it will!!